Bankless DAO Airdrop #2 is Live!

Open up your wallets and let the BANKLESS DAO parachute some glorious governance tokens from above for your ever-expanding digital influence…

The second Bankless DAO airdrop is now available to be claimed by all eligible Bankless 2020 and Bankless 2021 Badge Holders. You can start by going to to the official Bankless DAO website, connecting your wallet, and heading to the “Claim” page.

The snapshot for the address list was taken at 11:59pm UTC on May 31st. You can view the official list to verify your eligibility. Here are the final allocations:

  • 2021 Bankless Badges: 15,123 BANK to 2,806 Addresses
  • 2020 Bankless Badges: 41,232 BANK to 1,058 addresses

Why the Second Airdrop

However, there were concerns brought up surrounding inaccurate calculations due to privacy-preserving software used by readers.

As a result, the Bankless DAO community proposed a change to distribute the second round to all badge holders, allowing anyone who didn’t claim their Bankless Badge an opportunity to get in by claiming before May 31st. This was an optimal alternative as the exact same set of actors were eligible as the original proposal and most importantly, maintained a sybil resistant way for those actors to opt-into the DAO (by claiming their badge!).

BANK holders ultimately passed the proposal and changed the second distribution to all Bankless Badge holders as of the deadline of May 31st.

What is a Bankless Token ($BANK)

$BANK tokens are being offered to you as a result of your support of the Bankless Community, and as just mentioned, provide you with the ability to vote on decisions made in the Bankless DAO.

Join the Discord and get involved!

How to Claim the Second Airdrop

Simply select CLAIM and you’ll be all set. If your transaction fails, increase the gas fee and limit and try again — double check what you’re paying though!

You can also review this post further detailing the process.

Bankless DAO Season 1 & Beyond

Moving forward, seasons are meant to act as the roadmap and north star for the DAO. It’s what the DAO is trying to accomplish in the near term. As such, over the past month, the community has had several discussions surrounding Season 1.

You can start digging into the details about Bankless seasons along with what to expect in Season One. Stay tuned for more details on Season 1 and what’s in store for the DAO. It’s going to be good.


If you’d like to get involved, join the Bankless DAO discord (required 35K $BANK to join). You can also read an overview to Getting Started with the Bankless DAO.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Welcome to this journey. Let’s go together.

And to all new members, welcome aboard!

Written by Frank America and 0x_Lucas

A decentralized community aiming to drive adoption and awareness in bankless money systems

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