Open up your wallets and let the BANKLESS DAO parachute some glorious governance tokens from above for your ever-expanding digital influence…

The second Bankless DAO airdrop is now available to be claimed by all eligible Bankless 2020 and Bankless 2021 Badge Holders. You can start by going to to the official Bankless DAO website, connecting your wallet, and heading to the “Claim” page.

The snapshot for the address list was taken at 11:59pm UTC on May 31st. You can view the official list to verify your eligibility. Here are the final allocations:

  • 2021 Bankless Badges: 15,123 BANK to 2,806 Addresses


  • 👕 Bankless DAO and Metafactory are teaming up to produce scarce crypto apparel that will be sure to MELT FACES 🔥
  • 🗓 Apparel drops will happen monthly! First drop on May 17th 2021
  • 🚨 Signup here to get notified as soon as apparel drops happen!

Bankless is dropping new swag with MetaFactory every month… starting now!

Bankless DAO is teaming up with MetaFactory to produce the most EXCELLENT BANKLESS SWAG possible, in an effort to help perpetuate bankless culture, and to increase the surface area that crypto inhabits in the real, physical world.

We crypto natives can’t stop talking about crypto. …

If you have BANK tokens it’s because you’ve participated in the bankless movement. For more details on how to claim Bankless tokens and who’s eligible go here.

Once you’ve claimed your BANK tokens it’s time to participate in the DAO.

This is your guide.

What this guide covers:

  1. How to Join the Bankless DAO
  2. Accessing Bankless Discord
  3. Adding your skills and getting involved
  4. Voting on Proposals
  5. Proposing new initiatives

1. How to Join the Bankless DAO at Genesis

If you have a Bankless Badge from 2020 or 2021 you can join the Bankless DAO at genesis. …

The revolution will not be banked.

The bankless movement is now larger than any single entity, newsletter, podcast, or person to contain. It needs an internet scale organization to achieve its goals.

So the bankless community is launching a DAO.

This is scalability for the bankless movement.

This is the world’s first media & culture DAO for crypto.

This is the Bankless DAO.


Our mission: to help the world go bankless.

Bankless DAO is a decentralized community to coordinate and propagate bankless media, culture, and education. It’s goal is to drive adoption and awareness of truely bankless money systems like Ethereum, DeFi, and Bitcoin.

It achieves…

Bankless DAO

A decentralized community aiming to drive adoption and awareness in bankless money systems

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